10 comments on “95% of all trainers don’t know correct exercise form leading to total failure of strength progams before they even start.

  1. great post Fred!You’re are right! Many trainers “worry” about latest “miracoulous” supplement instead of learnig the basics! Sad but it’s true ;(

  2. Cool article Fred! But I’d be really happy to get a comment from you on how to do flyes with dumbbells. I got a homegym so I only got access barbells and dumbbells.

    • Anders my man, only yo can change the subject so freely:) If you have to do flys my suggestion is lay on the bench on 45 degree so you stretch you arm back more. You can only do one arm at a time but you get much more range of motion. Good luck and thanks for your support.

  3. How are you Mr. Koch! I am an avid lifter who competed a few months ago in the NPC Daytona Beach Classic. Id like to say that I thought your article was great. I too agree with you sir, everyone wants to lift no one wants to learn and understand the muscle system as a whole. I appreciate your thorough work sir. I ask that you please follow back as I will follow you. Thanks again for your awesome work
    Isaac Hall

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    Vil du virkelig vite hvordan du utvikler skikkelig brystmuskulatur? Fred Koch har en veldig grundig artikkel på hvordan du blir lurt til å tro hvordan brystøvelsene skal utføres. Lær hvordan man virkelig trener brystet

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