15 comments on “No I don’t believe in Kettlebell’s , actually I think they are a joke.

    • Dmitirj,
      Thanks for your input. I would guess you teach kettlebels. The point of the article is that everyone makes it out to be the greatest invention since the barbell. It is by no means the same as the things you mentioned except maybe for the TRX, lasg years fad.
      Du nevner Kettlebells swing som ” dritt øvelse nr 1″ Om du har bare litt peilig på boimekanikk, så ser du at riktig utført swing er samme bevegelse som en marklft eller en strak mark. Hip -hinge, ren hofte fleksjon og ekstensjon, med nøytral collumna.
      What you might look at here is your statement about the duplication of the deadlift movement in theory might be right, but the kettlebell is not used that way. My statement was the swinging motion that is the serious issue. You may teach the movement correctly, but after five reps the majority (being kind) break form and it just becomes a dangerous movement that is really of no real use.
      The one place we put the kettlebell is a alternate movement used in crossfit or to have fun with. The time to put it in a program of anyone with serious goals is again, not a great use of time. Why not just do the deadlift then? I have been in this industry as a teacher and trainer for 30 years and I assure you I am well versed in kettlebells and all the other toys that become fad frm year to year.

  1. Hei. Fred.
    Det er absolut det dummeste innleget jeg har lest i det siste! Å skrive at kettlebells er en “joke” er det samme som å si at Olympisk stang, en hantel, TRX, eller kabel aparat er en “joke”. Trenings utstyr kan skjeldent være bra eller dårlig( så lenge vi ikke prater om abbking -pro eller noe annet fra TV shop) , alt kommer ann på hva hvem som bruker utstyret, man gjør med den, hvordan man gjør det, med hvilken hensikt.
    Du baser dine utsagn på en video av en eller annet fyr du har sett på youtube? Med samme research kan jeg plukke ut ev video med hvilken som helst øvelse gjort med hvilken som helst utstyr, og laget samme artikkel.

    Du nevner Kettlebells swing som ” dritt øvelse nr 1″ Om du har bare litt peilig på boimekanikk, så ser du at riktig utført swing er samme bevegelse som en marklft eller en strak mark. Hip -hinge, ren hofte fleksjon og ekstensjon, med nøytral collumna.

    Jeg vil anbefale deg å skaffe deg mer kunnskap om kettlebells trening, før du uttaler deg om det.

    Dmitirj Gordejev
    Personlig Trener, Naprapatstudent, Foreleser og kettlebells instruktør.


    • You prove my point about kettlebells.To say they are like dumbells or an Olymmpic bar is so far from the truth,, I mean get serious. Saying they are like TRX is true, this years gimmick.
      Of course they are a tool and as I have said before if you have fun with them , go for it. Finally to say a kettlebell swing is like a deadlift is just tooo rediculous to even comment on. Kettlebell swimgs just in the name “swing” says momentum is involved. That should tell everyone what they need to know. As for knowledge…publish your cv.

  2. Dette blir for dumt Fred. Med all respekt for det du driver med, men du burde med din erfaring innse dine begrensninger, det finnes faktisk både folk som har gått en “annen skole” enn deg og det finnes treningsutstyr som faktisk virker utenom maskiner, stenger og hantler også! Samma søren hvor mange års erfaring du har, men det betyr ikke at du er oppdatert eller kompetent for det. Uten at jeg skal påstå det ene eller andre.

    Verdens rygg-guru Stuart McGill bl.a anbefaler jo bruk (og er stor fan) av kettlebells. Hvorfor det tror du? Har du f.eks hørt om Pavel Tsatsouline, Gray Cook eller Dan John, og lest noe av de sine ting? Hvorfor bruker Jay Cutler og Lance Armstrong kettlebells? Hvorfor har russerne gjort det i hundrevis av år, nettopp for å bli sterkere og “løse opp” i rygg og skuldre (eksempelvis) etter lange dager på kornåkeren? Når det er sagt er også kettlebells, eller “en kule med håndtak” et eldre redskap for fysisk fostring enn både hantel og stang. Men det er en annen diskusjon!

    Fint du deler dine tanker med andre, men du trenger å littegrann dypere i din research! Du har nok mange, spesielt unge gutter som lytter til og respekterer deg. Det bør du tenke på, i din (og våre andre treneres posisjon) så er en litt “Gud” og blir sett opp til. Alt en sier blir ansett for å være sant. Bl.a derfor bør en tenke seg om en ekstra gang før en uttaler seg. Spesielt om det er på områder og felt en har minimalt erfaring og kunnskap om!

    Per Helge Fjørtoft
    AFPT Personlig Trener og Kostveileder, IUKL og RGSI kettlebells instruktør level 3.

    God helg 😉

    • Per Helge Fjørtoft
      AFPT Personal Trainer and Dietary Guidelines, IUKL and RGSI kettlebells instructor level 3

      I hope I got all your titles right. The article was based on my view of the kettlebell how it stands today. To play your game we can start with your remark on research, lets start with the Russians. Well they used kettlebells because they did not have the technology to make dumbells. And as I remember it, your are probably too young. The Russian system was simple. You take 5000 potential athletes and drive them until the make it or break it. If you take a day off maybe Siberia was in the mix. Oh ya I have seen hundreds of research on basic chinese doing their forms in the morning. Seems to me I never have seen these average Russians doing kettlebells. Now that is interesting. I can see it now. Latest in Russian research 1960, 10,000 average russians did kettlells in between starving to death.
      You could have made a little sense until you quoted Jay Cutler. What do you think pays for is roids, oh ya, these guys have to write articles every month and since kettlebells are in Jay is really cool to make guys like you really impressed. Do you truely think he would waste his time doing them instead of heavy basics?
      Now we go to my young boys who listen to me. I guess we can check my CV and ask Ola Einar and the rest of the team about that or the other sports teams I train and hundreds of people who are certified by Tudorbompainstitute. My man, one thing I learned really quick by think I was right at your age. Learn to just say woops, made a mistake and need to study more. Kettles are a fad, It fits in with crossfit and I am glad people enjoy it. You are so proud that you can be a top instructor and I give you plenty of credit for your work and remarks. I am sure you give a great class and the people enjoy it. My point was there is just a lot better ways to do it. Ask anyone that does dead lifts or squats where they would rather spend their time. Wait a few months when all the injuries from doing kettlebells comes out. Just ask yourself, do you still do crunches for abs? All rude remarks aside. If you want to talk or discuss this more come down to the Bear Cave in Kristiansand anytime.

  3. Aha, thats why russian athlets, like Karelin, looks so weak. They don’t know how to train the right way…

  4. oh look, here we have another self-proclaimed expert having an opinion on something he’s not an expert on… why should anyone even care? Remember, barbells were a fad once too

    Anyway, this guy – http://youtu.be/RiMIwC8X3Qs – has been working with kettlebells most of his life and is still setting records within the sport at an age of almost fifty. If kettlebells are so demonstrably horribly destructive to your joints, small muscles and lower back, how do you explain the fact that Fedor Fuglev is still walking upright, let alone doing what he’s doing..?

      • no, it’s not just “1” Kettlebells have been around for ages – there are many active, older individuals who haven’t been sufficiently injured by practicing kettlebells to be forced to stop working out with them. In Russia and some ex-Soviet states, kettlebells isn’t a “fad,” it’s a national past-time and the interest is catching on in the rest of the world too. Maybe the interest will wain in the west, but that’s beside the point — that doesn’t mean kettlebells are a bad workout.

        When intelligent people try to make a point, they find examples to help prove this point — so where are all these people who, according to you, are getting crippled left and right by kettlebell usage? Do you seriously believe there are more injuries happening with kettlebells than with any other kind of exercise involving heavy lifts and a lot of repetitions? Dumbfucks with bad form are going to get injured, what they’re lifting is largely irrelevant.

        And no, I don’t think I missed the point of the article. I don’t believe there is a point to your article. Actually, I believe your article is a joke.

      • Anders,
        I see you have strong feeling on this and I hope you maintain that passion thoughout your ftiness career. This is turning into a name calling session rather than exchange. That was not my intention. I expressed my ideas from 30 years of owning fitness centers and training people. I hope your passion was copied by others from reading the post, in one way or another.

  5. Is the Kettlebell evil?
    If yes, than what makes it so?
    Since kettlebells come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 5lbs to 200+ lbs It can’t be the weight.

    As human beings we’ve used weighted objects with handles for thousands of years without ill effect. Therefore it can’t be the shape of the tool that causes injury.

    As I see it; this only leaves one other possibility: the way in which the tool is used.

    The kettlebell is just a tool. As with any tool including barbells, dumbbells, machines and even Bodyweight ignoring biomechanically correct technique and effective training principles can cause injury or undesirable results.

    It is either naive or disingenuous to imply that the skill of safely and effectively lifting a barbell or dumbbell could not also be applied to safely and effectively lifting a weight of a different shape wether it be a rock, a sand bag or a Kettlebell.

    The bottom line is that the Kettlebell is given a bad rap because of people who fail to take the time to learn to apply safe and effective principles to it. Take the same principles that make resistance training (whether it’s a slow grind or an explosive/ballistic lift) safe and learn to apply these principles to the Kettlebell. Safety is part of performance. We don’t ignore safety simply because your using a different tool.

    Disparaging any tool simply because you don’t know how to use it points out you flaws, not the flaws of the tool.

    • John, I was asked what “I” think of kettlebells. If you enjoy playing with kettlebells, then by all means go for it. I respect your view on this. I am from the another school.

  6. Finally a nice, honest assessment of this idiotic fad. People buy into fads because they think that by BUYING something different they can avoid doing the work. What a bunch of horse phalluses. Speaking of horse phalluses, I bet if someone created an infomercial about buying and using those for exercise, there would be buyers lining up…until the next moronic trend came along.

  7. KB funs please stop saying that the “kettlebell” is just another tool, because you are implying that every tool has the same value. This is not true. Kettlebells are vastly inferior to bars and dumbbells. Nothing, NOTHING compares with a heavy barbell that slowly starts coming down to you during your last rep. Kettlebells make no sense and Fred is absolutely right.
    As a matter of fact, I even think that his comments are quite mild concerning KBs. He forgot to mention the structural damage that they inflict on the body (falling, crushing on your wrists) and the fact that they fail miserably to target and train efficiently specific muscles. Why do swings? What exactly do they train? Your low back? If you want to train your lower back just take a bigger plate than the previous time you trained back and go to the hyperextenion bench or the deadlift platform! The same for glutes, hamstrings and etc.
    People lose valuable training time to appear hardcore instead of trying harder on the basics: body-build with free weights, run, stretch. No kettlebell, clubbell crap and pointless functional exercises. And stop the “train the movement not the muscles” crap. Movements are made up from the actions of the muscles. If muscles are untrained, weak -and this happens often to those with poor mind-muscle connection, a bodybuilding concept- the movement looks and feels like crap.
    Can’t you even see that most of the kettlebell guys on youtube do not look that impressive after all?

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